The government's initiative to give taxpayer backing to mortgages to help those who cannot otherwise afford to buy their own home will have to also be available to immigrants from the EU.

So a scheme that will increase the size of the house price bubble using taxpayers' money will be fuelled by extra demand.

This law of unintended consequence possibility first emerged after the budget and David Anderson of the law firm SykesAnderson said that, if people came to the UK and could not gain access to the same finance as Brits, then it could be seen as discriminatory.

When asked about this in June David cameron refused to confirm or deny this could happen, no doubt recognising the political sensitivity of the issue.

But it now transpires that once they had been in the country for six months new migrants could be offered taxpayer help to buy a house. Something the Times is saying that the chancellor, George Osborne, is desperately trying to circumvent.

There is also the issue that the scheme is limited in size, so with immigrants qualifying fewer Brits will have access to them scheme. This could push up demand putting pressure on the government to increase the money available.

This revelation has been panned by UKIP with Andrew Charalambous, the UKIP Housing spokesman saying:

UKIP Rosette"It is completely unacceptable that EU migrants who have only been in the UK for six months can receive government funding to buy a house; hard pressed British taxpayers' money is not only going to fund yet another destructive housing boom but it will do so for those who have barely contributed to our country. The whole thing is ludicrous."

"This proves that any idea that this Tory-led Coalition government comes up with, whether economically sensible or not, is bedevilled by our membership of the EU. It is utterly outrageous that British taxpayers will be expected to fund the housing choices of anyone who clearly cannot afford the mortgage, let alone recent immigrants from EU countries."

"One only has to ask the basic question, ‘Would British people get help in any EU country to buy a home on the back of it's tax revenues?, to realize quite how insulting and absurd this situation is."

At the end of the day if you belong to a club you have to play by the rules, even if they disadvantage you.

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