The Occupy London campers and members of the direct action group UK Uncut will be marching on Whitehall today to demand the resignation of HMRC boss Dave Hartnett.

The protesters are due to meet at the St Paul’s Cathedral Occupy London LSX (London Stock Exchange) camp before moving on to the head office of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs in an attempt to reach Hartnett’s office says the UK Uncut press release (

This comes after Hartnett’s HMRC announced that another round of errors had been made, which would culminate in chasing 146,000 pensioners for underpaid tax while letting Goldman Sachs and Vodafone off the hook for billions in tax.

Occupy London supporter Kyshia Davey said: "HMRC has just announced it will be going after 146,000 pensioners to demand hundreds of pounds from them following a tax code cock-up. Meanwhile, its boss is striking secret deals with opulent corporations to let them off billions of pounds in tax. Hartnett is fatally undermining public confidence in the UK's tax system at a time of austerity and he must resign immediately."

The protesters are also pointing out that Hartnett was last year’s most ‘wined and dined’ civil servant.

There is also the matter of staffing within HMRC, cuts to which have added to the pressures on staff then leading to these errors.

UK Uncut activist Sam Gilbert said on this "Whilst 25,000 rank-and-file staff at HMRC have been fired, leaving the organisation almost incapable of functioning, Hartnett has been carving out a career as the most 'wined and dined' civil servant in Whitehall. The money from Vodafone's £6bn tax dodge alone could have prevented all of the cuts in public services over the past year."

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