Today UKIP have announced the list of people who will be presented to the UKIP membership for selection as candidates for the 2014 European elections.

Steve Crowther, the UKIP Chairman said:

After an exhaustive, multilayered assessment programme, the original 200 individuals who put themselves forward as prospective candidates have been whittled down to the current 78. We are now offering our approved list to the membership to make their choices.

"We are of course delighted with the quality of the people we are putting forward, but it was no easy task. There are many who will be disappointed not to see their names on this list, but that sadly is the nature of a hotly contested selection process. The Assessment Panel have been astonished at the extremely high standard of the candidates we have met, all around the country. There are many talented, capable people who have not made it through this time. I can only thank them for all the hard work and commitment they have shown during the process.

Those who have not made it through this selection process are nonetheless already on our Approved List to be on our Westminster candidates and we look forward to them being selected for, fighting and winning Westminster seats in 2015”.

The 60 candidates shortlisted for England, 9 for Scotland and 7 for Wales will now be offered to the UKIP membership in separate ballots, to determine the order of the eventual lists in each region. The candidate for Northern Ireland, Henry Reilly, has already been selected unopposed.

UKIP Rosette

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