In welcome news for Nigel Farage, the latest ComRes poll carried out for ITV published today puts the UK Independence Party eleven points ahead of its nearest rival, the Labour party.

Coming on the day that the Labour party's former European Parliament leader, Glyn Ford, states that UKIP voters need to be 're-educated', this poll puts UKIP on 38 percent with Labour trailing behind on 27 percent.

This result will also reinforce the party leader's decision to concentrate on the forthcoming EU elections and not dilute the effort by warring on two fronts by also standing as a Westminster candidate in the Newark by-election.

This poll will also come as a body blow to the Conservatives and LibDems as they are left trailing in third and fourth places on 18 percent and 8 percent respectively.

The poll was taken asking those who are certain to vote, something that should worry the other parties.

COMRES 30-04-14Source ComRes – Changes since 2-3 April in brackets

So, are the other party's becoming 'road kill under the wheels of the UKIP battle bus' as the UKIP director of communications, Patrick O'Flynn, might put it?

UKIP Leaflets-3The result was tempered when also including those that were likely to vote said ComRes, which may mean that the result will be influenced by the turn-out with a higher turnout meaning a reduced UKIP share of the vote.

The food for thought for UKIP in the poll is that when thinking ahead to next year's general election a quarter (23%) of those likely to vote for UKIP in the EU elections say they are unlikely to vote for the party in the general election.

Also, despite UKIP's efforts to convince the public that the party is not racist, 32 percent of Brits think they are racist according to the ComRes poll.

Tom Mludzinski, Head of Political Polling at ComRes said:

"UKIP look set to pull off something spectacular at next month's European Elections. However, their vote is soft; with a quarter of UKIP's supporters for this election saying that they are unlikely to vote for them at the General Election next year Nigel Farage has a massive task competing on the Westminster stage."

The odds on the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, are also getting better with William Hill having him on a massive 10/1 to contest and win any by-election before the next General Election and 5/4 that he successfully stands as an MP at the next General Election.

William Hill spokesman, Rupert Adams, said:

"Newark would have been an extremely big ask and we fully expect Nigel Farage to choose a constituency where he has more chance come the next General Election".

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