Updated 5th Apr 2018 to reflect amended information from UKIP on donation figures: Those who said that the bell had finally tolled for the UK Independence Party have been proved premature in their pronouncements.

The interim leader, Gerard Batten, on taking up the post had immediately put out a call to members to donate much needed funds ,to save the party from insolvency – and they came through with evident style.

According to the party, individuals donated £215,441 and branches gave a further £79,477 making an grand total of £294,918. This far exceeds the £100,000 that the party was initially looking for.

On top of that a recruitment drive has also boosted the party with 895 new members, which does not include those renewing their membership. The party says it has now halted and reversed the decline in membership numbers seen in the last few years.

Regarding the legal bill of £175,000 that had to be paid by the 3rd of April, the money was raised and the court order was paid on the 29th March 2019 said Mr Batten. The party stresses that this was not a part of the nearly £300,000 raised by the membership fund-raising drive.

But there is also the potential of a second legal bill for UKIP to potentially face from this case and Mr Batten said that the party will cross that bridge when they get to it.

Thanking everyone, the interim leader, Gerard Batten, said:

"Our political enemies have been robbed of the pleasure of seeing UKIP disappear from the political scene.  A new optimism and a boost in morale isnow palpable in our branches and among our members.

"I would like to thank the tireless efforts of our Chairman, Tony McIntyre, and Treasurer, Seb Fairweather, the UKIP Team at Newton Abbot, Mike Hookem MEP, Deputy Leader, Margot Parker MEP, Deputy Chairman, as well as many others, for their hard work in making this revival possible."

"We have much hard work and struggles ahead but now we can have growing confidence in our future."

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