The Prime Minister’s overwhelming enthusiasm to keep Britain in the EU was on full display at the CBI conference, argues Nigel Farage, who says that the general public must by now see right through the Tory party’s desperate attempts to win back Eurosceptic voters.

David Cameron told the CBI conference that support for staying in the European Union is ‘wafer thin’ but argued that there was significant backing for his attempt to renegotiate powers. He also told business leaders that he could win the argument for staying in the EU.

How can the Prime Minister try to suggest to the general public that he is going to play hardball with Brussels and claw back actual, credible powers to Britain when he very publicly promises he wants to keep Britain in the EU? Asks Nigel Farage "Why would any of the other 27 leaders or any of the power brokers of the EU be concerned for one minute that they should try to meet his demands when he is so dewy-eyed over the European project? They can see it for what it is. He says one thing to the public, and another to them. He changes his tune depending on his audience.

The Commission President was right when he said that only UKIP were the real Eurosceptics and that the Conservatives were just fakes, saying we would win more support in the 2014 European elections from an increasingly unhappy British public. He also pointed out that there could be no real repatriation of powers without a treaty change, and that that option was not on the table and never would be. Going into the supposed negotiations with a red line that says, 'whatever the EU does we will support it', is an extraordinary diplomatic strategy, and one doomed to fail.

Nigel Farage-2When David Cameron marches into these high powered meetings to talk tough and fight for British sovereignty, everyone around the table must be shaking with laughter, not fear.

Meanwhile the Labour party are worried that the UK will sleepwalk out of the EU while the Liberal Democrats would endorse the United States of Europe in a heartbeat.

If so many of the general public do not support the EU, like the Prime Minister says, why do all of the Westminster parties ignore them? These comments make it absolutely clear that the only way to bring back proper law-making and democracy to this country is to vote UKIP for UK Independence. The clue is in our name."

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