The sentencing of the killers of Lee Rigby will be delayed until after a key ruling in the Court of Appeal on 24th January 2014 to decide whether the use of whole life sentences is justified and in line with the ECHR.

UKIP has called this 'deeply troubling and totally insensitive' with UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, saying:

Here we have one of the most tragic and repugnant crimes to happen in the UK, committed by two men who have shown absolutely no remorse for what they did, and who committed one of the most brutal and violent acts of murder to a completely innocent man.

"Instead of delivering justice and perhaps in doing so permitting some closure for the family of Lee Rigby, the judge is delaying and dragging out the horrors because the European Court of Human Rights is saying that whole life sentences breach the human rights of the perpetrators.

"What on earth has happened to our society when the human rights of these two abominable murderers is being prioritised over a British court delivering the proper sentence for one of the most shocking and awful crimes to have happened this generation?

"There is something seriously wrong when we have lost the balance between the rights of the victims and the rights of violent criminals. I am totally and utterly appalled. This decision is deeply troubling and totally insensitive.

Nigel Farage-4 © The Economic Voice

Nigel Farage-4 © The Economic Voice

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