UKIP leader Nigel Farage has again called for recall voting to become a fully established part of the UK democratic system.

This process, by which voters are able to remove a politician from their seat before the end of their term has never before featured in UK politics. A recall election is triggered when a certain number of voters sign a petition within a specified time period. Every UKIP councilor already applies the recall rule.

Nigel Farage, UKIP leader says recall voting helps 'close the gulf between people and Government'

"With Westminster agog with stories of political malpractice it is time the public were able to hold these people to account. UKIP have long pushed for recall voting enabling the public to hold a vote of no confidence in local and national politicians. It’s been a settled part of the party's policy package since 2009. Importantly we do what we say. Every UKIP elected councillor already accepts recall as part of their personal contract with their electorate.

It’s utterly ridiculous to me that if a politician decides to resign the whip they can continue to sit and supposedly represent the constituency, taking home full pay. If the electorate has no faith in them, there is nothing that they can do. In that sense they are able to occupy a position of power which would be better filled by someone supported by and trusted by the electorate. We say that if 20 per cent of the electorate, within a six week period, sign a petition for a politician to step down then that politician must resign and resubmit themselves for election”.

Recalls have been part of democratic political systems since Ancient Greek time. While a few political figures might now be standing up talking about this idea, we are the only party to fully back it, and pledge to put it in action”.

It is called accountability, and our system desperately needs it”.

UKIP Rosette

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