UKIP Employment Spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has blasted Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, branding her "A disingenuous mouthpiece for Project Fear".

The europhile minister has claimed that young people will "suffer the most" if voters support Brexit in June, something Mrs Collins said was "a conundrum of a complete failure to understand basic supply and demand or a favour for her boss."

"In my region of Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire alone we have four youth unemployment blackspots and nationwide a study carried out showed that in 2014 even cities with the lowest youth unemployment rates were still showing around 13% out of work. Yet Mrs Morgan thinks that continuing a disastrous policy of uncontrolled migration from the EU and the banning of priority treatment for young Brit is the best way of tackling this."

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The report by The Work Foundation argued that 'a generation of young people in these cities will face a bleak future in the labour market' unless action was taken over apprenticeships, work experience and education policies.

Jane Collins MEP continued, "I find it disgusting that a woman whose job it is to ensue young people have the threat possible start in life is prepare to put her political career above the opportunity for young people to get the best education and work opportunities.

"We should not forget that students from other EU countries were classed as 'home students' and had their university education subsidised by the British tax payer and now people who probably got freed tertiary education and even grants have slammed the door on young people getting that same level of experience, particularly if they are from poor backgrounds.

"Only last month the European Parliament voted on toughening up the EURES scheme making it easier for migrant workers to take up jobs and training placements in Britain; something backed by the British government but UKIP voted against.

"At the last county only 25 jobs advertised on 'my first EURES job' targeted specifically for young people to get work in all EU countries had gone to British applicants.

"Meanwhile we have companies on the government's own job seeker site advertising in Eastern European languages for jobs in the UK.

"How does Mrs Morgan equate that to the EU being in the best interests of future generations?" She asked.

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