A ComRes poll for the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Mirror puts UKIP in a firm third place well ahead of the LibDems.

The poll of the voting intentions of 2,002 people taken over 13th-14th February 2013 has UKIP on 14% [1] with the LibDems trailing in fourth with 8%.

Unsurprisingly Labour now leads the way with 36% and the Tories are in second place with 31%.

The Green Party comes in fifth with 4% (54 votes) followed by the SNP with 4% (53 votes), then the BNP with 1%. Plaid Cymru attracted just 6 votes.

This will come as a great fillip for UKIP who, at the moment, appear to be enjoying a positive response from the electorate.

When looking at the economy the poll asked if people trusted David Cameron and George Osborne to make the right decisions. 27% of those asked said that they trusted the pair, but a huge 51% said that they did not. But this is no grounds for Labour to become complacent as those who trust Ed Miliband and Ed Balls with the economy was only 20% and 55% said they did not trust the Labour pair with the nation's purse strings. So even though we are well into the Conservative administration Labour doesn't seem to have regained the peoples' trust.

The ComRes poll also conducted a comparison exercise by asking respondents how they rate David Cameron against other Prime Ministers over the years:

Harold Wilson: David Cameron was judged by 17% te be better and by 27% to be worse than Harold Wilson.

Edward Heath: The current PM was judged by 18% to be better and by 19% to be worse with a large 41% saying they didn't know.



Jim Callaghan: 21% said better and an equal number said Cameron was worse that Callaghan.

Margaret Thatcher: in what some would see as the litmus test 16% said he was better than Thatcher but 39% said that he was worse. This may come as a surprise from a general survey.

John Major: Cameron was judged by 26% of people to be better than Major, but 22% said that he was worse.

Tony Blair: 34% of respondents said that Cameron was worse than Blair and 30% said that he was better – just about the same as those who would vote Labour (35%) or Conservative (31%), so no real surprise there.

Gordon Brown: here 43% said that Cameron was better than the last Labour incumbent and 26% said that he was worse.

[1] http://www.comres.co.uk/polls/IoS_SM_Political_Poll_Feb_2013.pdf

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