UKIP’s former Treasurer Stuart Wheeler is to seek a High Court injunction against any decision by the House of Commons on Monday to opt Britain back into the European Arrest Warrant.

A QC representing Mr Wheeler will argue in the High Court on Tuesday for a judicial review into the legality of any decision by MPs to take Britain back under the authority of the EAW without a referendum.

He will argue that to do so is a clear breach of the “referendum lock” passed by Parliament that is meant to guarantee a referendum in the even of significant further powers being transferred to Brussels.

Mr Wheeler, who served as Treasurer for UKIP before and during its successful 2014 European elections campaign, is funding the action himself. He has also teamed up with Eurosceptic Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to spearhead wider opposition to the EAW.

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By Erasoft24

He said: “I am cooperating closely with Jacob on this issue but I must make clear that this is not a story about trying to get a defector, it is a story about trying to protect the liberties of the British people.”

UKIP will mount a lobby of Parliament on Monday after it was confirmed at short notice that MPs will vote then on opting Britain back into EU home affairs and justice measures, including the EAW.

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell will seek to speak in the Commons debate on Monday, opposing the EAW, while UKIP home affairs and justice spokesman Diane James MEP will  lead the lobby of Parliament.

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