German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for deeper EU integration in her very first speech of her third term as leader. With Cameron about to travel to Brussels for an EU summit tomorrow, UKIP Leader Nigel Farage says this is the golden opportunity for him to take a stance or prove he is not up to the job of PM.

The very first speech of Angela Merkel’s third term as German Chancellor packed a punch to the 16 other Eurozone countries about deeper EU integration.

Germany, as the economic power house of Europe, wields a lot of power in Brussels. As cock of the walk deeper EU integration also means greater influence for Germany.

While Merkel’s requests for economic policy to be ceded to the EU affects the Euro countries, it sets the direction towards this so-called “two-speed” Europe. She’s even travelling to France to twist some Gallic arms to support “more Europe”.

Nigel Farage-2

Nigel Farage

When David Cameron sits at the table of the EU summit in Brussels tomorrow it will be interesting to see if he has the courage to play a completely different tune. While the other big hitters in Europe are limbering up to sign over the last shreds of sovereignty to the European project, Cameron has told the British public he is gathering support for the renegotiation of powers. From Merkel’s clear position it would seem that the support is not likely to come from the other big EU players.

All eyes will be on Cameron tomorrow. This could be his chance to make a save at the eleventh hour. He could tell the EU that Britain is simply not going to open its borders to Romania and Bulgaria. He could demand that unless his country were given some pretty massive concessions, he would pull the UK out. Unless he actually toughens his stance, like Merkel is clearly doing, nobody in the whole of Europe will ever take him seriously.

Cameron can attend the summit in Brussels tomorrow as the British Prime Minister. Or he can return to Britain as the Minister for Brussels. Tomorrow’s summit will tell a very big tale indeed.

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