Leader of UKIP Nigel Farage has called the UK Government 'appallingly inept' and says much more needs to be done to prevent flooding and protect homeowners

"There are three million homes at risk of flooding in the UK and yet the Government is cutting flood defences, allowing thousands of new homes to be built on flood plains, and sitting back and watching the EU block an insurance scheme designed to protect those most vulnerable from losing everything. They are appallingly inept.

"People on low incomes are especially at risk, with half of people in social housing having no contents insurance at all and many finding they simply cannot afford to protect themselves and their homes. But when the UK Government tries to set up a fund to cover otherwise 'uninsurable' homes Brussels argues it goes against free market competition. As far as I can tell the Government haven't come up with any alternative. At the same time almost four thousands homes have been built on land at serious risk of flooding in the past four years.

Nigel Farage by Jeff Taylor © The Economic Voice Limited

Nigel Farage

"These are real people's lives, and as far as I can see, the Government is sitting on their hands. More than a thousand homes are already flooded with worse to come this weekend and yet I have seen little evidence that the Government is acting decisively."

UKIP says that under European Union laws the Government's Flood Re scheme, where every home insurance bill will include a sum to pay for subsidising repairs to buildings on flood plains and other high-risk areas, would be deemed to constitute "state aid", and is likely to be banned because it interferes with free market competition. The government will be required to seek approval from the European Commission before it is introduced. The process can take between 18 and 24 months after which time the Commission may refuse to approve the Flood Re plans.

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