Many people may think that the UK Independence Party is a single issue pressure or protest group. But anyone who attended the party’s open meeting in Shaftesbury, Dorset may well have come way thinking that there is a lot more to UKIP than appears in the press. (Video below.)

The gathering was public and not meant to preach to the converted UKIP members and supporters, although many did attend. It was primarily aimed at the local agriculture community with the main speech being delivered by Stuart Agnew, UKIP MEP for East of England. Mr Agnew represents UKIP in both the agriculture and fisheries committees in the European Parliament.

Stuart talked about his subject and UKIP policy on agriculture in some depth and the video of his talk at the meeting is included below.

Mr Agnew is, more importantly, a farmer. So he knows the day to day difficulties that UK farmers experience and can take the fight to Brussels.

Other speakers were:

• Gawain Towler, the once UKIP press officer who will now be standing on 22nd May 2014 as an MEP candidate for the South West and Gibraltar region

• Steve Unwin, prospective parliamentary candidate for North Dorset in the 2015 general election

But enough from me, I will now leave you to watch Stuart Agnew in action.

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