Daily Brexit Update: Sunday 8th July 2018

The leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Gerard Batten calls Theresa May's proposal a "surrender document" to the European Union (video)!

And take a look at what Tom Slater, deputy editor of Spikedonline says:

And Jacob Rees-Mogg says that this proposal is worse than a no-deal Brexit and that it will make the UK a rule taker, which is not what the UK voted for.

But Theresa May herself tells the BBC that it is a proposal for a good deal for both the EU and the UK. And she has told Brussels to 'get serious' about the negotiations, says the Times.

And the PM says she is pleased with the outcome (video):

But what will puzzle many is her refusal to rule out EU citizens getting preferential treatment for migration purposes after Brexit. Is this the 'labour mobility' we've been told about?

And the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, and the Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, are supporting the PM's proposal in a joint article in the Telegraph.

While the Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, amd the Business Secretary, Greg Clark, write in the Mail on Sunday that there now has be give and take in the negotiations – but everyone will be asking the obvious question, who is giving and who is taking?!

Followed up by the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, and the Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, telling us they back the deal and it is for the EU to now show some negotiation 'movement' – I say fat chance! All the EU will do is see this as a capitulation and demand ever more!

But however they dress this debacle from Chequers up, many believe that if this plan is followed through with, it will spell the end of any dreams the Tories have of winning the next election.

And the political commentator Guido Fawkes points to 'explosive' legal advice that demolishes the Chequers plan! On top of that you also have to wonder if it trips over the referendum requirements laid down in recent legislation (European Union Act 2011).

Much public ire is being aimed at the cabinet Brexiteers for folding like we cardboard on Friday and the best that can be mustered in their defence is that Boris uttered an obscenity during the secret talks! Well, I know a few people that would happily throw a few obscenities in public at him now!

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