Daily Brexit Update: Monday 3rd September 2018

The UKIP leader Gerard Batten attended the the party's North Dorset annual garden party in Mappowder on Saturday. He was acompanied by his wife Lina and other guests included UKIP South West England MEP Julia Reid and UKIP London Assembly member David Kurten.

Tory Brexiteer Boris Johnson is coming to the fore a little more now by saying that the UK will get 'diddly squat' from Theresa May's Brexit plans as well as her plans meaning that we go to Brussels with 'white flag fluttering'.

His words have received much support from fellow Brexiteers:

But arch Remainer and opposition Brexit man, Keir Starmer, is not impressed:

Whiled the PM herself feels the heat as critics line up to denounce her Chequers proposals. "With under two months before Britain and the EU want to agree a deal to end over 40 years of union, May is struggling to sell what she calls her business-friendly Brexit to her own party and across a divided country." Reports Reuters.

And she says that there will be no second EU referendum. "Theresa May has faced down calls for a second Brexit vote, declaring it a “gross betrayal” of trust." Says the Sun.

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