UKIP’s Head of Policy Tim Aker again has called for GP surgeries to open at least one evening a week, where there is demand.

The policy, first rolled out at the party’s annual conference by Professor Angus Dalgleish, a leading UK Oncologist, would relieve pressure on A&E services around the country.

Tim Aker asserted the fact that "UKIP supports the NHS".

"We have seen too many reorganisations and top down meddling when actually simple, sensible changes could be made to strengthen our health service and increase access for patients. Where there is demand for longer GP surgery hours there should be evening opening times for full time workers who are unable, due to their work, to visit their doctor during the working day. There has been a lack of Government interest in forging and supporting a domestic skills base and ensuring that there is professional leadership inside the NHS. This would involve providing better training for junior doctors and putting clinical needs above bureaucracy to increase internal confidence within the NHS."

Stethoscope by stethoscopes

Stethoscope by stethoscopes

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