Lawrence Webb is to be the UKIP candidate for the London Mayoral elections being held on the 3rd of May next year.

44 year old Webb, who is a former electrician and former UKIP London chairman, will be officially announced as the London Mayoral candidate at the annual UKIP party conference being held in Eastbourne later this week.

The campaign for the top job in London has commenced with much of the focus on law and order within London, which has recently seen it's reputation diminished in the wake of the recent riots that started in London and then spread to other major cities across  the UK.

The campaign's thrust is not though just limited to law and order.

Londoners being given preference for jobs and housing, tightening immigration and readdressing the problem of emission zones in the city which have had a detrimental effect of small businesses will also be tackled in the campaign.

But UKIP would not be UKIP without dealing with the problems the main three candidates are not prepared to touch with regard to Europe's increasing invasion into British democracy.

This tackling of Europe in UKIP's campaign will in this instance manifest in ending the extra burden placed on the country's finances by the EU and nowhere more so in the UK than the City of London.

Lawrence will face stiff competition in the form of the existing London Mayor, Boris Johnson and Boris's predecessor as London Mayor, Ken Livingstone.

The Green Party are also placing forward Jenny Jones as a candidate and the Liberal Democrats have their own offering in the form of Brian Paddick.

Lawrence who beat five other candidates in the selection process said

"I am delighted to have won the nomination to be UKIP's Mayoral candidate for the 2012 London Elections, and would like to thank all those who voted for me.  "I can now get on with the task of setting out UKIP's vision for London, which I believe will resonate with the ordinary folk in London. I believe that Londoners are crying out for change especially in light of the recent riots and the less that helpful comments of both Boris Johnson and Ken Livingstone. With the ongoing Euro debt crisis and the negative impact of EU legislation on London jobs there has never been a better time for UKIP and I look forward to achieving real success in London in 2012."

And UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage warmly welcomed  Lawrence Webb to the mayoral contest with praise.

Farage said

"Lawrence Webb will be an excellent mayoral candidate for UKIP. After years flying the flag for the party in London he knows the city and its hopes and fears intimately.

"I am delighted to be able to support him and call on the party in London to get behind his campaign.    "I would like to thank all the candidates for their hard work and effort. I know that this campaign has been a hard fought one. I also know that at every stage each candidate behaved with decency and dignity. The unity and courtesy shown by all over the last few months shows that we are a party that is united in doing all we can for this great city and this great country. So good luck to you Lawrence, you can rely on all of us to provide the support you need."

As it becomes increasingly clear from recent polls, UKIP are moving ahead and gaining much ground politically but will this reflect in the Mayoral contest next year?

But more to the point, in 8 months time will there be a European Union left for UKIP to kick against?

After the disgusting way the EU has stripped us of 80% of our own democratic decision making process and cost to the taxpayer, lets hope not.

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