The HS2 paving bill, which receives its first reading today and second reading tomorrow barely before the ink is dry on the Gracious Speech announcing the measure, will be greeted with utter dismay by blighted communities up and along the route.

Nigel Farage MEP, the UKIP leader, “The arrogance of Ministers knows no bounds. The bill is quite rightly being attacked by the Stop HS2 campaign as a cynical move by the government. It's the only way that Mr Cameron can legally keep wasting hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayers money on HS2 before the General Election.”

“Meanwhile people whose lives have been destroyed by HS2 blight such as the residents of Great Missenden that I met on my visit to the village last month cannot even get a meeting with DfT officials, never mind the Ministers who are responsible for such terrible distress”.

“Many people living in former Conservative "safe" seats will wonder what they have done to deserve yet another kick in the teeth by a Conservative Prime Minister and a Conservative Secretary of State for Transport. Even at this 11th hour, I am today urging the Prime Minister to reconsider his baffling support for this reckless folly inherited from Mr Brown and to scrap the scheme. That would be the common sense thing to do."

UKIP Rosette

UKIP Rosette

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