Following a vote by the party’s National Executive Council, The UK Independence Party says it is proud to announce that former Police Inspector, Jack Clarkson, will stand as the party’s candidate in the forthcoming Police & Crime Commissioner by-election in South Yorkshire.

After receiving the news of his nomination, Jack, who is currently a Sheffield councillor, said:

“I am very honoured that the UK Independence Party have nominated me to be the party’s candidate for the forthcoming South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner by-election.

“Due to a long line of horrendous leadership failures, South Yorkshire Police is currently a totally demoralised organisation, dealing with a long list of criticisms that has torn its’ reputation to shreds. However, the resignation of Shaun Wright, over his failure to protect the children of Rotherham, has now given the South Yorkshire people the opportunity to seize the initiative and put in place a team that will provide strong leadership and a new, common sense approach to policing in the region.

UKIP Logo 2“I don’t think the rebuilding process will be easy, and a great deal of change is needed within South Yorkshire Police to achieve it. The public need to feel they can trust the police to do the right thing and to help them when they need it most. This has not been the case for a number of years. It is my commitment to the people of South Yorkshire that I will give them back a police force they can trust, a force that has a more visible presence, with more boots on the ground and more community policing that will safeguard our communities.

“UKIP are offering the people of South Yorkshire a team that is both strong and experienced; a team that will push through the much-needed changes and rebuild the force’s relationship with the public. The UKIP team will prevent repeat after repeat of the policing failures we have recently seen in Rotherham, and else where, on the other parties watch. Only
UKIP can guarantee that political correctness will not get in the way of investigating crimes and only UKIP can promise one law for all.”

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