Erdogan shows his true colours: Britain must halt calling for Turkish EU membership says UKIP

The running battles between police and protesters continues unabated in Istanbul, Turkey, with neither side willing to give ground. What had started out as a protest over the future of Taksim Gezi Park seems to have escalated into a full blown protest over Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's increasingly authoritarian agenda as the police response gets more and more heavy-handed.

The extent of this can be seen on these 50 pictures of the unfolding events on

With this significant civil unrest and an intransigent government, is Britain reconsidering its commitment to Turkish entry to the European Union asks UKIP. If not, then why not demands William Dartmouth MEP, UKIP Spokesman on Foreign Affairs,

“Turkey is geographically 97% in Asia; however as we have just seen the Turkish government's attitude to dissent places it 100% in the Middle East.”

“The UK Coalition government's policy – favoured also by the Labour Party – is for the UK to be a cheerleader for Turkey's membership of the European Union.”

Grand Bazaar Istanbul by Osvaldo Gago

Grand Bazaar Istanbul in quieter times by Osvaldo Gago

“On behalf of UKIP, I appeal in the national interest that this reckless policy be suspended and reconsidered immediately.”

“It is bad enough that EU membership for Turkey means that the UK would in effect have borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran – it is unacceptable for the UK to be in a political union with an authoritarian state in Asia with a population of 80 million.”

Image by Osvaldo Gago

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