It is David Cameron's birthday today and, although he may get one more candle on his cake, he will be losing one of his MPs.

Although a bad day for the Prime Minister, this will be a great day for the UK Independence Party as Douglas Carswell is on the verge of taking the Clacton seat away from his old party.

It is also a great day because it comes after the Lib Dem leader, Nick Clegg, insulted every person who supports UKIP by calling them 'un-British' in his keynote speech yesterday. "Something very un-British is taking root in our politics; a growing movement of people who want to pull us apart." He said. "Salmond, Farage, the bitter tribalism of Left and Right; in their different ways they're all doing the same thing."

And then there's John Bickley fighting the Heywood and Middleton by-election today as well, who is predicted to take his party from fifth to second behind Labour (with an outside chance of a win). And it's not as if Miliband gave the speech of the century at his conference is it?

Birthday Cake (PD)But what Clegg, Cameron and Miliband don't realise is that the people of the UK are waking up to the fact that the LibLabCon parties want to shackle the UK to the EU monster that wants to dismember it into 'regions' before swallowing it up bit by bit – and what could be more 'un-British' than that?

It's UKIP doing the 'British' thing by trying to pull the UK away from the EU so that we can survive and thrive in our own right.

The LibLabCon parties have all lost faith in the ability of the people of the UK to make their own decisions and their own way in the world so are happy to give it away. But, just like the useless manager who's afraid of the new boy on the block, they are frightened that there is a party out there that can prove them wrong. They also distrust the British people (and their own abilities) so much that they are quietly handing to the EU power over 43 major policy areas on October 31st this year via qualified majority voting (QMV) – but they forgot to tell you of this totally 'un-British' act. They are also complicit in imposing the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on us, an EU/US deal being done in secret behind closed doors – how 'un-British' is that? If you want to know about trade then look no further than 'Out of the EU and Into the World'.

When the first UKIP MPs get into parliament I look forward to seeing, for the first time in many years, real questions being asked about our relations with the EU – especially at PMQs!

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