According to a report in the Times, UN officials have compared the climate change E-Mail theft with the Watergate scandal. In that the hackers who stole the data were probably paid for by climate change sceptics intent on wrecking the Copenhagen climate change talks.

The release of the E-Mails has fuelled scepticism of the truth behind climate change around the world.

A Vice Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), Jean Pascale van Ypersele, said the recent theft of data and E-Mails from the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia was not the work of amateurs. It was, he said, a very sophisticated and well planned operation. That the server where the data was eventually uploaded to was based in Russia also supported that supposition. He went on to say that the media should direct its attention in that direction.

There you have it. The CRU E-Mail theft must be ignored because it was well planned and paid for so suspect. A sceptic is either a ‘denier’ to be ignored and shouted down. Or maybe now to be considered a terrorist.

What I have difficulty with is that the scientists have been caught with their proverbial pants down and try to hide behind how the hack was conducted. The contents have been dismissed by them almost as an irrelevance.

Scientists are educated in the same places as our politicians, bankers and economists. They are also human and prone to the same failings of morals and judgement. But we seem to put them on some sort of plane above the ordinary person. “The scientists” have decided that something must be done and they are far cleverer than us, so it must be done. This is the sort of deference that got us into the financial and political mess the world is in today.

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