Brexit Update: Wednesday 4th July 2018

The Labour Party's biggest donor, Unite the Union, says it is open to the possibility of a second EU Referendum and that it was highly unlikely that Labour would vote for a Theresa May Brexit. There is a belief that this move may put more pressure on the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn to also back a second European Union Referendum. Then presumably the battle would be to get Corbyn to back a Remain stance.

The Guardian is citing two reports that claim that those living outside of London will be hit hardest by Brexit. The reports by the Institute for Public Policy Research and the Oliver Wyman consultancy said that spending patterns show that import tariffs would mean that prices would rise for those on lower incomes for people in Wales, the Midlands, the North East and Northern Ireland. What should be borne in mind of course is that import tariffs for goods coming into the UK are set by our government! So all this is based on assumptions about tariffs – what if there are none? Remainers of course will use it to try and scare people living in the predominantly Leave voting areas outside of London.

The government is set to publish a White paper on how the UK will manage its fishing waters after Brexit, says the BBC. And it is reported that the Germans are worried about this with some of their fishing folk said to be 'furious'. Now, isn't it strange that the UK has to be kicked out of everything EU, but they insist on trying to keep free access to our fishing grounds?! Brexit means Brexit!

A survey by the Institute of Directors indicates that business rejects the 'maximum facilitation' proposal for customs checks. All coming out a few days before the Chequers 'Bodybag Summit' to decide just this issue. I smell a soft (for that read non-existent) Brexit coming fast down the tracks!

And on this new third customs arrangement proposal, one cabinet insider told the Express that “It is a distraction designed to keep us in the EU and single market. It’s just the customs partnership dressed up with another name.

UKIP MEP Patrick O'Flynn Tweets that he has lost faith in Theresa May to deliver:

And  UKIP former Leader Nigel Farage talks in the EU parliamentary chamber about the 'complete disaster' that is the EU asylum policy:

And he thanks Barack Obama for helping Brexit (video):

The president of the EU council, Donald Tusk says that Ireland has a veto on Brexit (video) – and here was me thinking that Article 50 negotiations were decided by qualified majority, not veto.

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