Under UN resolution 836(IX) made on 14th Dec 1954, Universal Children’s Day was formed.

“…. with effect from1956, a Universal Children’s Day shall be instituted by all countries to be observed as a day of world-wide fraternity and understanding between children and of activity devoted to the promotion of the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world, and to the strengthening and broadening of the efforts made by the United Nations in favour and on behalf of all the children of the world;

The 20th November is the date in 1959 on which the UN Assembly adopted the ‘Declaration of Rights of the Child’ and in 1989 when the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ was adopted.

To promote this a “Global News Day for Children” starting at 8 a.m. Beijing time, there will be a huge global media campaign in Chinese and English of news, features and commentaries all based on the themes of Universal Children’s Day.

Unicef provide literature for schools, which I hope they are using, from their ‘For Every Child’.

We in the UK seem to have little exposure to this international day. But we do our bit. Today is also 'Children in Need' day, which is a nationwide event to raise as much money for charity as possible.

The BBC has put aside one day a year for this purpose since 1980, albeit in differing formats. But the first event of this kind by the Beeb was a Christmas appeal in 1927 that raised today’s equivalent of about £27,000.

Since 1985 this event’s mascot has been ‘Pudsey’, the yellow one eyed bear, which was made by Joanna Ball who came from … Pudsey.

It’s nice that we have this annual event, but what is wrong with acknowledging the existence of Universal Children’s Day and openly making our contribution part of a truly international happening? That would give the whole project real clout, something I think the original authors and founders of this day really intended.

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