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Many students cover their debts. Although charging such high amounts to students who just want to learn cannot be fair, can it? We as Britons complain that we see many foreigners in professional positions like doctors, dentist and other high flying jobs. Although if not enough of us are able to cope with the financial burden and what may come off it, are we supposed to sit here waiting a fortnight to see a GP? For all you know that cut on your foot could lead to gangrene and by the time of your appointment there will be no leg to worry about anyway so you may as well cancel the appointment. No we find professionals where ever we can to meet demand. If we need to source them from outside the UK then so be it.

Why should we have to pay so much (if anything at all) to benefit from an education? We would probably save money if the service was offered free as I believe it would cut crime. Most turn to crime in an effort to make enough money to live comfortably. Maybe if they had a legal job that offered the same pay some would not turn to crime. We offer schemes such as Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) to those attending college, why can we not do the same with our universities? I for one would have loved to have the chance. But it was not to be due to the lack of GBP.

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