LATEST UPDATE: It is alleged on the FaceBook page for 'Keep Fuel Below £1.00 per litre' that the police have been harassing event organisers by visiting them at their homes. Please do contact us if you believe you have been approached in this manner, or at least complain to the IPCC.

As a result, the protests due for today (22nd Jan) at Coryton have been postponed until next week (29th Jan).


Although not a lot has been said in the general media there are fuel protests due across the country over the coming weeks.

The rising cost of crude, partly due to speculation and partly down to the government's need to raise tax whilst being green, continues to be a worry for the ordinary person in the street as they realise that it will have a decidedly adverse impact on their lives over the coming months.

Facebook, petitiononline and all have pages dedicated to the cause of keeping fuel prices down like Facebook's open group 'Protest Against Rising Fuel Prices' and PetitionOnline's 'Reduce Petrol Tax'.

Angela Hall has posted a petition to 'Keep Fuel Below £1.00 per Litre'. As the speculators are not listening and will never listen unless there's money in it for them, then one assumes therefore that this is aimed at the government and the tax system.

It lists some upcoming fuel protest events:

Sat Jan 22: 10:00 am at Coryton Oil Refinery – SS17 9LL. – Now postponed until the 22nd Jan due to alleged police harassment.

Sat Feb 5: 08:00 am to 10:30 pm (22:30 for you old soldiers) at Dundee (Camperdown) Oil Refinery – DD1 3LG, Grangemouth Oil Refinery – FK3 9XQ, North Tees Oil Refinery – TS6 8JE, Killingholme, Grimbsy – DN40 3LW, South Killingholme – DN40 3DW, Eastham Oil Refinery, South Wirral – L65 1AJ, Stanlow (Shell) South Wirral L65 4HB, Milford Haven – Milford Haven Dyfed SA73 3JD, Pembroke (Texaco) – Pembroke Dyfed SA71 5SJ, Coryton (BP) Stanford-le-Hope Essex SS17 9LL, Fawley (Esso) SouthamptonHants SO45 1TX.

Sat Feb 19: 11:30 am – 04:00 pm (16:00) – go slow in London, Clacket Lane service station TN16 2ER between J5 and J6 clockwise M25.

For more information and to gauge the level of interest visit the relevant social media pages.

Update – links to Facebook page now removed as they no longer work.

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