By 2016, U.S. companies will increase their direct marketing budgets to a total of $196 billion, according to a Direct Marketing Association (DMA) prediction. There is nothing "old school" about direct marketing—it's evolved right alongside email and social media. Learn how to sell more videos with direct marketing as part of your business strategy:

In a Nutshell

There's no middle man with direct marketing; it's you, delivering your message right to the consumer. Direct marketing channels include text messaging, email, websites and online ads, telemarketing, response-generating newspaper and magazine advertisements and direct mail efforts such as flier, postcard and catalog distribution.

Direct marketing enables you to measure customer response rates, and some channels help you engage and build relationships with your customers. These one-on-one techniques put you personally in charge of answering questions and closing a sale. Technology alone can't create that connection between you and consumer groups.

Trade Shows

The easiest way to get your videos in front of the buying public is through trade shows. Don't confine yourself to the typical trade show venue; challenge yourself to find unique venues to display your videos. Exercise videos may generate interest at an office equipment trade show, where people who sit at a desk all day frequent. Visit the Trade Show News Network for more resources and helpful articles.

Cover More Ground

Walking neighborhoods is a slow way to distribute marketing collateral and develop prospects. The U.S. Postal Service offers a direct mail program called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) that enables you to cover entire neighborhoods, carrier routes or zip codes with your promotional material. You don't need mailing lists or postage permits. Work with a quality online printer that partners with the post office to develop a postcard, and they will handle all the logistics of the mailing together.

Depositphotos_13677042_xsBe Recognized as an Authority

Hold a local event and invite people to come hear you speak on your topic. You can also start a Meetup group. For example, host a "how to develop your green thumb" party to talk about your gardening videos. These groups give you visibility and define you as an expert in that field.

Offer to do talks at local community groups, such as Lion's Club and Kiwanis. Local gardening and green-living clubs love to host guest speakers. Most groups give you a few minutes to pitch your product in return for your speaking efforts.

Offer to write articles for local newsletters. Community groups, churches and hobby and craft clubs usually have their own newsletters, and they are often looking for contributors. Most of these will be happy to give you space for an article in return for a short byline or author bio that mentions your videos.

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