Another classic Sci Fi television series has had a face-lift. Back in 1983 V first came to our television screens and has become one of the most loved Sci Fi cult TV series-es of all time.

Skip forward 26 years and V is back and it looks good, with an all star cast and special effects that are movies standard the show looks to be a hard hitter with viewing ratings.

I remember V from the first time around and the scene where the reptile beneath the rubber was exposed on TV for the first time is etched in my memory banks for all time.

As a 10 year old child I was semi traumatised by the experience.

We were staying in Burnham on sea in a caravan park with a small portable colour TV powered by a car battery. It took me 10 mins of hitting the TV for me to tune the aerial into the relevant channel  and my best friend Owen who was staying with us and myself both sat there with our sleeping bags over us with sun burn and Owen's back was peeling badly after he got sun burnt two days previous.

When the famous Lizard peeling scene came on the  screen, Owen threw a piece of skin off his back at me. Lets just say I jumped a mile.

The original classic cult series was created by Kenneth Johnson who also created the Incredible Hulk. Also credited to his name are The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.

Kenneth announced that he was going to be involved in making new motion pictures based on V but nothing has materialised as yet and ABC have run with the new series which  showed last night in America and to a good reception by pundits in the Sci Fi world.

Not much has changed in the plot, its still Aliens masquerading as friendly humans who will cure all our illnesses and advance our civilisation with a very pretty alien representative for the sinister agenda of the aliens.  A bit like Mandelson singing Europe's  praises except Peter Mandelson is far less attractive.

The new series and its dynamic make over is thanks to 4400 creator Scott Peters who has been faithful to the original series yet added some 21st century zest to it and with the all start cast I imagine it will do well.

V will be released in the UK in early 2010.

I hope in Burnham on sea in 2010 there will be two 10 year old friends watching the new series on a small plasma screen TV in a caravan and one of them has sunburn.

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