It has been formally announced that David and Victoria Beckham are expecting their fourth child this summer but an exact date for the new arrival has not been divulged by Victoria's spokeswoman.

Speaking in Vogue magazine Victoria has said that the chances of a girl are slim but she was open to the idea of having a new baby one day so it seems as though that day has draw closer than anticipated.

The Beckham and Adams families (No pun intended) are said to be delighted at the news so the question on everyone's (OK not everyone) lips is…..will it be a the girl that they have both longed for?

I think I speak for all decent Brits in raising a glass and toasting the impending arrival of their new child and we hope the conception was not too much of an ordeal and rather enjoyable.

As I have said before David and Victoria Beckham may not be the sharpest of intellects but they are the finest of people and great ambassadors for this country so if we must celebrate a celebrity couple then let it be the Beckhams.

Congratulations both.

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