The Daily Mail has laid into two celebrities today. Victoria Beckham now 35 is, it appears, too thin. She had the temerity to appear in public with her husband David, sporting a fleshless breastplate. The fact that she has always been thin seems to have completely missed The Mail’s attention.Whilst poor old Paul Hogan, now 70, is charged with eating too much and found guilty of the most heinous crime a celeb can commit, he is growing old, as is his wife of 20 years, Linda.

So we have to be thin, but not too thin as judged by the subjective standards pf the press and also have just the right amount of fat on our bodies again based on those same subjective standards.

Both these people though seem to me to be happy and content within themselves. If anything Victoria seems to be more insecure in the clothes she wears than in whether she is thin or not.

With Paul, look, he’s now 70 years old. So let’s treat the guy with a modicum of respect. There are not many

70 year olds who look half as good as he does. In fact, when he was 50 there were few 30 year olds who looked as good as he did.

We now have the government on one hand combating obesity and the fashion industry in the other fighting the eating disorders of Anorexia and Bulimia. These sorts of articles do nothing to advance this debate. This tripe only serves to titillate.

In between we have a media and public pointing fingers and tutting at the fat and thin as they stuff themselves with high street burgers and pizzas whilst lounging about on their sofas. They look at the celebs and they are jealous of their success and money. They are looking for that flaw that makes them somehow ‘the same as me’.

But they are also jealous of what they decry. Just about every overweight person who looks at Victoria and says ‘she’s too thin’ secretly wishes they looked just like her. They would swap their bodies for hers in a flash with no regrets and no looking back. They yearn for that ‘size zero’ body.

With Paul Hogan and Linda, people see ‘fallen idols’, “how could they let themselves go like that (and thankfully fall to an average level like me)”. But all I see is a successful couple comfortable with themselves growing old gracefully and in acceptance of the years.

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