Well done Cherie you have turned your back on justice and made a mockery of your profession.

We live in an age where political correctness has allowed the rights of individuals from ethnic and religious minorities to surpass the rule of law in this country.

This country has now officially rebuked true justice and now favours the rights of individuals from minority faiths who may be close to God yet demonstrate behaviour that is contrary to the religious beliefs of the Muslim faith.

Many from within the Muslim community will also feel outraged by this move by Cherie Blair as it will be used by extreme right wing groups to justify hate crimes against Muslims.

As a devout Christian I would expect to face the force of the law if I were to replicate such a crime as the one committed by Shamso Miah against another person regardless of my religious faith and I also expect other members of other faiths to receive the same penalty as myself.

By using a faith as a justifiable reason for letting a criminal get away with a violent crime is singling out that faith as one which becomes viewed as the exception to the rule of law.

My father's side of the family are Muslim and I know that they will be very concerned over this turn of events as will many others at this sensitive time for Muslims but this is just the Cherie on the cake.

If you dig a little deeper beyond this injustice you will find many other examples where Muslims have become immune to the normal constraints placed upon British citizens which cancels out any of the hardships they go through as terrorism sweeps a plague through their community.

All terrorism in Britain could be stopped if responsibility was handed over to the communities from which the terrorism originates.

A simple law would achieve this removing our need for a police state to survey us constantly day and night. So what law could achieve such a thing?

Well if a terrorist from within whatever community were to commit a serious act of terrorism on the scale of the July 7th bombings them the places of worship appertaining to the perpetrators faith within a 50 mile radius of the perpetrator's home should be closed for a five year period and a request must be placed to the local community which which would have a vote on whether or not the place of worship should be reopened.

This may sound extreme but no more extreme than the current surveillance removing our rights to move freely across the globe. It would have to be proven that the perpetrator was a committed person of the faith concerned of course. And should someone of another faith or political persuasion commit an atrocity and blame someone else then the sentence would be applied against them and the time-scales would be doubled.

You may ask why this article has moved from the subject of a faith to terrorism and may seem a tad prejudicial because a Muslim is involved.

It is not and to be prejudicial would mean that I am in some way against the faith practised by my father and all my Iranian side of the family.

I have deliberately chosen to highlight the Muslim/Terrorism link in the public conciousness because it is a dragon that needs to be slain and that can only be realised once British paranoia against Muslims is broken down and that can only be achieved by handing responsibility back to all communities including the Christian extreme right or any Jewish extreme organisations.

The threat of outlawing religious worship in a 50 mile radius of someone with ill intent may make the potential terrorist think twice before committing and act of cowardliness against his fellow man and in turn against his religious community by preventing them from worshipping effectively breaking up the religious community.

If Christians were planning acts of terror against Muslims then the rule of law would be the same and all churches, chapels and places of worship closed within a 50 mile radius of the perpetrators home.

Thanks to Cherie Blair this is a bad day for Islam and a bad day for British law, it is however a good day for the BNP and similar organisations who will be rubbing their hands together in glee at the news that Muslims are being given discriminatory and preferential treatment over other faiths and belief systems setting them apart from the rest of the population.

Some would ask if this is a deliberate move by Cherie Blair to demonise Islam seeing as she is a devout Roman Catholic and the history between Islam and The Roman Catholic Church goes back to the crusades and the two faiths have not made good bed fellows with much bad blood between them.

The other argument is rather weak to say the least and that is Cherie Blair decided to draw parallels between the two faiths which worship the same God through Abraham who is the seed from which both faiths took root but surely she knew that this would be seized upon by the far right and groups who are devoted exponents of equality within law.

I do feel sorry for Shamso Miah who will now be pulled into the row over equality and the perception of the West upon Muslims when this is clearly the fault of Cherie Blair in her decision to make one man an exception just because of his faith.

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