I know that many people will be tired of elections once the US presidency for the next term has been decided, but there is an election coming up where you can send the UK political parties a very clear message.

The elections in question on November 15th are for deciding which 41 people will be your Police and Crime Commissioners for the next four years.

These people will be ensuring that “…the policing needs of their communities are met as effectively as possible, bringing communities closer to the police, building confidence in the system and restoring trust.” So they will be having an impact on your life and how safe you are in your home and on the street. So make sure that you vote and vote wisely.

But when looking at the list of PCC candidates you can see that each of the major political parties has put forward candidates in the name of their party. These people have the power of a large political machine behind them. Do not be swayed by this as these elections would then become nothing more than a glorified opinion poll on the performance of the party in power at the time.

The PCCs that are voted in will also be required to swear an oath of impartiality, how can this sit with being sponsored by a political party, however good the intentions?

Use your vote to select an independent candidate, show the big parties that you won’t be taken in by their attempts to muscle in on control of the police.

Below is a list of all 41 police areas and the independent candidates standing for PCC in those areas. Sadly, seven areas only have political party placings on offer.

Avon & Somerset – Sue Mountstevens

Bedfordshire – Mezanur Rashid

Cambridgeshire – Ansar Ali or Farooq Mohammed

Cheshire – Sarah Flannery

Cleveland – Sultan Alam

Cumbria – Mary Robinson

Derbyshire – Rod Hutton

Devon & Cornwall – Graham David Calderwood, Brian Carol Greenslade, Ivan James Jordan, Tam Macpherson, William Morris or John Smith

Police car by KRoock74

Police car by KRoock74

Dorset – Martyn Underhill

Durham – Kingsley Smith

Dyfed-Powys – None

Essex – Linda Belgrove or Mick Thwaites

Gloucestershire – Martin Surl

Greater Manchester – Roy Warren

Gwent – Ian Brian Johnston or Christopher Edwin Wright

Hampshire – Simon Alexorer Hayes

Hertfordshire – None

Humberside – Paul Davison, Neil Eyre or Walter Sweeney

Kent – Ann Barnes or Dai Liyanage MBE

Lancashire – None

Leicestershire – Suleman Nagdi

Lincolnshire – Alan Hardwick

Merseyside – Kiron Reid

Norfolk – Stephen William Bett

North Wales – Richard Antony Bruce Hibbs or Winston Roddick

North Yorkshire – None

Northamptonshire – John Norrie

Northumbria – None

Nottinghamshire – Raj Chorran or Malcolm Spencer

South Wales – Mike Baker or Tony Verderame

South Yorkshire – None

Staffordshire – None

Suffolk – David Cocks

Surrey – Kevin Hurley or Peter Williams

Sussex – Ian Chisnall

Thames Valley – Geoff Howard

Warwickshire – Ronald Ball

West Mercia – Bill Longmore

West Midlands – Cath Hannon, Mike Rumble or Derek Webley

West Yorkshire – Cedric Christie

Wiltshire – Liam Bruce Silcocks or Colin Skelton

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