X Factor contestants Wagner (not the dead composer) and Chloe Mafia (the name makes you cringe) have by reports in the Sunday Mirror, spent a drunken night together and had sex after partying together at the X Factor Final after-Show party.

Apparently the 54 year old Brazilian and the 19 year single mother and prostitute performed sex acts then got down to business and had full sex.

Ian Hough who is a friend of  Chloe and father to her  2 year-old daughter said that she phoned him up and told him the gory details.

Ian goes on to say that Chloe did some Coke in the toilets but Wagner wasn't interested and then it all went a bit nuts.

Chloe woke up the following day and realised what she had done and regretted the night she spent with Wagner who was all up for them becoming a couple and going public with an announcement forthwith.

But Chloe thinks that it was the one sexual encounter she regretted the most and that is something coming from a £50 a pop prostitute even though it is unsure if she still is a prostitute since her appearance on the X Factor.

Since the X Factor Chloe has been homeless at times and without a job even though she says she is trying to find one and it highlights the dangerous lows which many X Factor contestants have reached after their short lived media exposure.

If this story is true then its a rather a sad state of affairs for twice-wed Wagner and young Chloe.

Let this be a lesson to those who are thinking about getting completely off their faces this Christmas, it could end up with them making a terrible mistake…..they won't be the first and they won't be the last.

How many people reading this can honestly say they have not done something they regret whilst under the influence of drink?

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