In these days of families with 2 cars and buses and trains, we may forget that we have our own built-in transportation device that once engaged makes us lose weight and the procedure is very cost efficient and good for our health. It is commonly know as walking.

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I am very lucky to live in the Brecon Beacons National Park and I am surrounded by fields, mountains and walking trails that lead on for miles.

However I am lazy, yes that's right I have admitted to the one affliction that has made me put on over 4 stone over the past 3 and a half years. If only I could break out of the apathetic state I have found myself in because the excuses are starting to wear thin and something must be done.

As a young man I would wander over the hills for miles and come back home only before night fall with rosy cheeks and a well deserved appetite for a hearty meal that would not add any weight to myself except for muscle weight. However now my weight (18 stone) is a sign that those hills have not been walked in a long time and the hearty meals could actually stop my hearty.

When surrounded by such beauty as I am sometimes it is easy to take it for granted.

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All I know is when I am away from this beauty all I want to do is come home and walk in it. And I have walked the hills more when living away than I do when I am living here in it and this must change.

I urge anyone reading this article to get out there in the great outdoors and relish it as I will in the next few days. Even if you live in the city I am sure you can find routes that will take you past wonders of your own environment. Personally I favor the county air but that is because its what I know and understand.

I once lived in Cardiff and walked everyday around the city and became quite fit and very thin. In fact the city is quite and easy place to get fit by walking because of the incentives there for walking i.e. shops.

One of the great benefits of walking is that its easier to get your heart rate to optimum fat burning rate which is usually when you walk at a brisk pace yet able to maintain a conversation and not break into too much of a perspiration.

Go explore your environment and find places you never new existed as a way to add the much needed incentive. Us humans love a task to motivate us so get on the net and search for sights and things in your own town or city. Then that meal your looking forward to at the end of it will be for the benefit of your body and not to the detriment.

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