Are you looking for that one rewarding job that could help shape the future of this country?

Well I can point you in the right direction. As long as you've got the relevant skills and a lot of drive!

We are not normally in the game of advertising jobs through our articles, but if there is one thing that could really make a difference to all our futures it would be a complete overhaul of the way money is 'created' in the UK.

And at the forefront of this are the guys and gals at Positive Money, where they advocate the education of people about where money actually 'comes' from. As a clue, the government doesn't make it, banks do – but go to Positive Money to find out more.

Positive Money is looking for someone to work in London and help get the message out to the people using the whole range of computer skills and resources available.

The full job description can be found on their website, with the one drawback being the salary. As ever, with any job that really needs doing the wages are never stratospheric.

Positive MoneyBut this is a real ground floor opportunity for the right someone as this subject will begin to grab more and more media attention as time goes on. Especially if the successful applicant is good at their job.

'Your work will be seen by thousands, and millions if we're successful in making it viral. You'll be pioneering a new way of educating the public about the issues that affect them every day (and bypassing the mainstream media who have ignored these issues for decades).'Says the job description. And it goes on to say that the more successful you are the more funding they will get so boosting your chances of a pay rise.

So, if you've got the talent and the drive as well as the belief in changing the system for the better, then why not drop an application form in?

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