If Brits sold their top ten least used gadgets, they could generate £1,480

Whether we're more June and Leon than Steve and Chris, or more Sandy and Sandra than Steph and Dom, we are a nation of Goggleboxers, a major new study by eBay has discovered.

TV has been identified as the most important gadget* in our lives – the one piece of technology Brits simply can't do without.

Looking at the technology we need most to get us through the seven stages of modern life, eBay found that every age group from 20 upwards ranked the TV as the gadget they couldn't live without. Just one age group – 18-20-somethings – ranked a gadget higher (headphones), and even they ranked TV second.

Sales data on eBay.co.uk also found that if Brits sold their top ten least used gadgets, they could generate £1,480.

Harley Street psychologist Dr Becky Spelman says we change the items we need throughout our lives to reflect our emotional growth. "As we grow older we should reorganize our lives to reflect our age and suit our lifestyle.

TV Aerial - FreeFoto.com

TV Aerial – FreeFoto.com

"Set a date in your diary every six months to look at what you no longer need. eBay is a great place to go to sell the items you don't need and updating your life with the items you do, so make small changes regularly to the items you own, getting rid of one thing for each new thing you allow yourself to have."

eBay Spokesperson, Laura Wilkinson-Rea says: "It's fascinating to see how people's needs change as they grow older, and this study shows how we've come to rely on certain things, whatever life stage we have reached. However, things change, and we maybe could be a bit stricter on ourselves in ordering our lives, as we reach certain life stages."

To help people take advantage of its 20 free listings a month, eBay, the online marketplace, has produced a decade by decade guide to modern life to show the gadgets people need – and don't need – at the different stages of their life.

eBay's Seven Tech Stages of Modern Life:

18-20-year-olds – the Musical Stage. They rank a pair of headphones as their most important gadget, ahead of the TV.

EBay 1

20-somethings – the Technical Stage. When we hit 20, the gadget we prize above all others is our TV.

EBay 2

30-somethings – the Multimedia Stage. When we hit our 30s, headphones drop out of our top five 'must haves', to be replaced by desktop computers as we need processing power to support our multimedia lives.

EBay 3

40-somethings – the Sensible Stage. Despite the success of gadgets like the iPad, people still aren't ready to give up their 'traditional' computers. Laptops were ranked as more important than tablets in every age group – but 40-somethings scored them as more important to them than any other age group.

EBay 4

50-somethings – the Hobby Stage. The radio is ranked as a must have item by half (48%) of 50-somethings.

EBay 5

60-somethings – the Energised Stage. 60-somethings are the key audience for radio, ranking it as their most important piece of technology after a TV.

EBay 6

70+ – the Relaxed Stage. The 'silver surfer' phenomenon is now so well established that 70+ age group rate a desktop computer as their most important piece of technology, aside from a TV. Two thirds (62%) rated their PC as a must have item.

EBay 7

Top ten unused gadgets across the seven life stages:

EBay 8

*Opinium Research interviewed 2,009 UK adults between 19-23 June 2014
** Average sales value over last three months based on eBay internal figures, some listings excluded

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