Daily Brexit Update: Monday 20th August 2018

All we're doing now, it seems, is re-running the 2016 referendum battles once again.

"The Remain and Leave camps are dusting down their campaign books and tour buses as they prepare for an autumn of rallies, stump speeches and events." Writes Beth Rigby, Sky deputy political editor.

And that is how it will seem to all those voters out there who thought that the issue had been settled.

After having been told that the sky would fall in if we voted to Leave the people realise that this are continuously hollow claims.

But any problems we do face post Brexit will be more down to what is in effect a weak 'Remain' government as well as members of the Remain establishment poisoning the Brexit well at every visit.

But the scaremongering continues apace, with the Guardian saying it will affect the pound in your pocket. Talking about pensions and annuities that 'could' all be under threat.

And while the EU plays as hardball as they can, once again the UK takes the initiative by occupying the moral high ground over EU citizens' rights to stay in the UK even in the event of a no-deal WTO Brexit.

While the talk of political party splits driven by Brexit intensify, with the political editor of the Guardian, Heather Stewart, saying:

"Britain’s political landscape has already been reshaped irrevocably by the Brexit vote. But there is a growing feeling at Westminster that the deep divisions over whether, and how, Britain should break from the EU, cannot be contained within the existing party system."

So, what it looks like we'll be ending up with then, is two parties – neither of which are left or right wing, but offering a choice of either UK self determination or the destruction of the concept of a self governing UK!

And Brexiteers want Boris Johnson to get on the road and take the hard-Brexit message to the people (video):

As the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten, calls Theresa May's Chequers based plans a conspiracy between the EU and UK government:

Here Nigel Farage talks about why he is returning to the Brexit front-line:

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