The Green Party has condemned the Coalition government as “heartless” and promised to continue the fight against austerity ahead of a day of national protests organised by the campaign group the People’s Assembly.

The demonstrations, set to take place up and down the country, have been organised to give Prime Minister David Cameron a “fireworks night to remember”. The Green Party has called on anyone opposed to the government’s austerity measures to get involved in the peaceful protests.

Romayne Phoenix, Green Party Spokesperson on Welfare and a member of Lewisham Green Party said:

This heartless government’s austerity measures have hurt the poor thirteen times harder than the rich. They’ve slashed funding for vital public services, cut away the social safety net of benefits and seem determined to hammer the final nails in the coffin of the NHS, an institution this country is proud of. At the same time they’ve let the banks ratchet up huge profits, allowed train operators to continue to rip-off customers and defended the energy companies whose soaring prices are forcing many people to choose between food and heating. We can’t let this continue.

Green Party LogoAs they plough on in their attempts to dismantle our welfare state the Green Party will continue to put forward its positive vision of a society that invests in public bodies, supports its citizens and defends vital services. We’re a part of the People’s Assembly because we believe there is an alternative and we know that our strength lies in sharing this vision loud and clear.

The People’s Assembly Against Austerity is supported by unions such as Unite and the National Union of Teachers and by other campaigns such as Keep Our NHS Public and Disabled People Against the Cuts. The Green Party has pledged its support to all peaceful actions and are expecting a strong show of support from their members.

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