The most joyous and sorrowful occasions in life seem to be increasing in price at a rate much faster than inflation – or anything else, for that matter. With recent reports claiming that the average British wedding now costs approximately £24,000, it is no wonder that more and more couples are eschewing the concept of a traditional wedding. Fortunately, there are many different ways in which the costs of a traditional wedding can be significantly minimised while retaining all of the charm and ambiance of one. Traditional mindsets say that brides and wedding planners are responsible for the planning considerations of a wedding, but grooms have a role to play as well. We'll discuss a few ways in which grooms can help keep wedding costs down for that special day.

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Evaluate the Alcohol Situation

Not everyone likes alcohol. Of course, some people only like to attend weddings because of it. Nevertheless, hiring assistance to pour and serve drinks at a wedding is a major cost component of many ceremonies. The groom has the ability to exercise restraint in this area and determine whether it is truly and functionally necessary for the event to be a joyous occasion. As bar-tending and alcohol services can cost thousands of pounds, cutting this one particular element from a wedding can dramatically reduce the overall cost of the event. There are also many other options to consider: limiting bar time, substituting champagne for wine and even considering home-brew can all be great ways to cut costs while still enjoying alcohol.

Rent the Wardrobe

Everybody needs a good formal suit and tie for special occasions, but a wedding adds so many costs that it might be a good idea to avoid one more extra expense if possible. While purchasing items of attire such as shoes, Formal Tailor cravats and dress shirts are reasonable expenditures and may be of use later, a wedding suit hire or rental service for suits and dresses may be worth consideration – especially if the cost of best men and bridegrooms' wardrobes are being covered by the couple.

Negotiate with Vendors

Another huge cost component of most weddings is the number of vendors that provide their services. Photographers, musicians and videographers can all individually be pricey – let alone as a group. Substituting live music with pre-recorded tracks is always a possibility, as is limiting the duration/amount of live music provided.

Additionally, hiring well-qualified students who can provide their services in the fields of music, video and photography can dramatically lower the overall costs while still retaining a certain level of quality. Even if you decide to go with professional services, it is worth reiterating that a restriction on the amount of time that a videographer, musician or photographer spends at the event can help reduce a prime cost consideration for any wedding.

There are literally hundreds of ways to minimise costs for an otherwise expensive wedding – what methods have you considered or utilised? In the comments section below, please share with us your wedding cost-cutting stories and plans.

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