Speaking at the annual Norwood charity lunch in the Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, Piers Morgan laid into modern society’s obsession with celebrity for its own sake.

In between calling the coalition government a “complete farce” and labelling Nick Clegga useless halfwit who is now calling the shots for the Conservatives” he said that there are far too many “talentless wastrels” seeking instant fame without serving the hard apprenticeship.

Well, I would bet he comes across a lot of those in his current posting as a judge on ‘Britain’s got Talent’.

Piers Morgan is normally used to asking the questions but the charity president, Richard Desmond the chairman of Express Newspapers, was in the questioner’s seat on the day.

In comments reported in the Express that my fellow Economic Voice writer, Richard Henley Davis, will almost certainly endorse Piers said that “The culture of celebrity has become a problem.” He also said that he found Big Brother “incredibly vacuous” and that the programme did nothing to enhance the true nature of celebrity.

Piers would like people to look up to those celebrities who had put in the hours, days, months and years of effort to get where they were. He cited probably the most well known case of Susan Boyle who did not ‘make it’ until the age of 48. And only made it after spending years and years practicing her craft.

Mr Desmond also gave his verdict, “I think you are starting to sound very old” he said making Piers, 45, into a bit of a youngish grumpy old man.

The Norwood charity: “Every day, Norwood supports thousands of people with learning disabilities and children and families in need, helping them to change their lives, one by one.” You can find out more about what they do and how you can help HERE.

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