Labour and Conservative politicians are still scrabbling about for a way out of their own self-created Brexit mess.


What a lot of confusing Brexit news we have coming out today.

And it's all down to the two main parties attempting to do anything other than deliver a clean Brexit.

We have the Labour party about to go into hot internal discussions today over whether or not a second referendum should be in their EU election manifesto and what form it would take. And with the party totally split on this, any decision they take will alienate about half their own supporters.

We have the Tories and Labour negotiators saying they are making progress on agreeing a compromise UK/EU Political Declaration. And just by engaging in these talks has upset supporters of both parties – with one side saying they shouldn't be talking to Marxists and the other saying their side shouldn't be helping a Tory Austerity Brexit.

But they are also wasting their time as the public knows that any such compromise would be a botch.

And it is also reported that there has been talk about a second EU referendum during these Labour/Tory discussions. But as the government's stated aim is not to have a second referendum and Labour are split on it, the question is why?

Anyway, as these politicians are so scared of taking a position, let's wait and see if they somehow include a roundabout reference to a second referendum somewhere or somehow – the trouble is they can't use the terms referendum or confirmatory vote any more can they? So I wonder what the new phrase will be – I know, how about a 'position poll' or something more innocuous?

But we also have to remember that, whatever those Labour and Tory negotiators talk about and come to a non-Brexit agreement about, will Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn also agree to it?

And further, while these, what I see as diversionary talks, are going on, the PM is off doing her own thing anyway.

It is reported that she has given up on getting her Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty through before the EU elections, which are now unstoppable anyway, and has another plot.

The Sun says that there are plans afoot to drive forward with trying to get the Withdrawal Agreement and Implementation Bill through parliament to enable her treaty to be ratified prior to UK MEPs taking their seats in the EU parliament in July.

According to the report this bill would have to be in front of parliament by the 10th of May at the latest, so as to give the government seven weeks to get it through.

As I've said before , this is tight, possibly too tight a timescale. And if it got voted down at the second reading it would be killed off unless she started a new parliamentary session. And both Brexiteers and Remainers in parliament would probably gang up to vote it down.

But even if it did survive, what's the betting it'll end up with a second referendum clause in it?

And if a new parliamentary session was forced, it would mean a Queen's speech to parliament outlining future government plans and, if that got voted down, it would be tantamount to Mrs May losing a vote of confidence.

The political stakes are high.

All because our politicians are actively engaged in doing the reverse of what the people want.

And while all these politicians fight over the most effective way of dealing a death blow to Brexit, figures from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (the OECD) show that the UK attracted over £1,400 billion of investment stock in 2018. That's more than Germany, Spain and Poland combined achieved.

Further, inward investment increased by five per cent on 2017.

As the International Trade Secretary, Liam Fox, said:

"The latest OECD figures show the UK remains one of the world’s most attractive destinations for foreign investment.

"Those who would talk down Britain’s economic performance are proven wrong once again."

And he went on to say:

"Foreign direct investment (FDI) creates jobs, deepens ties with key markets around the world and underpins Britain’s credentials as the global champion of free trade."

Looking at this as well as our employment, wages and inflation figures, can you imagine how successful we would be if our politicians would get on and deliver the Brexit people voted for?


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