Trading binary options involves making a prediction about whether or not the price of an asset will rise or fall.OneTwoTrade [1] is one of the world’s leading binary option platforms, allowing investors to outwit the market and profit from short-term market movements.

Would-be investors are flocking to the one two trade youtube page to discover how easy it can be to make up to 85 per cent profit instantly. Trading is a three-step process:
1. Choose an asset
2. Make a prediction as to whether the price of the asset will go up or down and set an expiry time
3. Make a bet and trade

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Customer service is at the heart of everything that OneTwoTrade stands for. Upon opening an account, each new client is assigned a dedicated account manager, who for no charge can be on hand when required with information and support. Catering to the needs of inexperienced investors through to seasoned professionals, OneTwoTrade provides ongoing help and advice in the form of regular market updates, meetings, tutorials and seminars, equipping clients with the information they need to make informed decisions. State-of-the art technology ensures that trading with OneTwoTrade is simple, safe and secure. If a client’s first ten trades are unsuccessful, they will be given their money back plus an additional 10 per cent.

A great advantage of using OneTwoTrade is that clients are exposed to relatively low levels of risk, yet can still enjoy high returns. They control their investment and know their potential payout before trading and will never lose more than the amount they initially invest. An interest in the markets is useful but clients are not required to have extensive knowledge of financial products before trading. With daily market updates and ongoing information and support, even those new to the investment world can benefit from very high returns in short timeframes.

Investors are given every opportunity to succeed. OneTwoTrade’s 60 Second trading feature gives investors the chance to make up to 85 per cent profit in just one minute. Other features include Buy Me Out, whereby clients can sell their option before the expiry time, Rollover, which delays the expiry time and Double Up, which enables clients to create another position for a trade that is doing well to increase their payout.

Binary options at OneTwoTrade are lower risk and can offer much higher returns than traditional investments and spread betting. Stocks typically yield an average annual return of 10 per cent; spread betting can deliver outstanding profits but can also result in alarming losses. Drawing on its team of market experts, OneTwoTrade offers some of the highest payouts available.

Typically, when buying products such as stocks and shares, investors can only make money when the stock price goes up. But OneTwoTrade enables its clients to profit when the markets are falling because the process depends entirely on a simple prediction as to whether the price of an asset will rise or fall.

It is free to join OneTwoTrade – setting up an account takes no more than four minutes, after which aspiring investors can set their goals and start trading. It’s never been easier to profit from short-term market movements.


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