We love our bread and circuses don't we. As people foam at the mouth at the mere suggestion of MPs getting a pay rise no-one even squeaks at the outlandish amount of money that top flight footballers, singers and actors take home very week during these supposedly austere times.

But then again politicians only help to make far reaching decisions that could affect not only our whole lives but also those of our children and grandchildren, whereas entertainers and sports people give us that immediate and all-important sugar-rush.

Footballers and the like go about the world striking lucrative advertising deals and not an eyelid is batted, some even advertise stuff they would never use themselves. But a politician who has accrued interests elsewhere before entering politics is expected to relinquish control of them and woe betide them if they take on anything while they are elected.

If a football team or company was on the verge of demotion to a lower league the team's supporters would demand that the right management and players be brought in to save it whatever the cost. But when it comes to politics and the real possibility of the country being pushed further down the world rankings the electorate seem to demand exactly the opposite.

In fact the people tolerate the same old people producing the same old tired policies with the misguided and totally ridiculous belief that some sort of juicy fat rabbit will be pulled out of a now very threadbare hat.

It's all very well claiming that MPs should work out of a sense of public duty, but then surely so should council CEOs, some of whom are on a couple of hundred grand a year. And don't actors do it for the love of acting, and footballers out of a love for the game and a duty towards their supporters?

UK Houses of Parliament by BikiWitch

UK Houses of Parliament by BikiWitch

How is it that paying more for good people is the right approach everywhere from business to entertainment and to sport except where politics is concerned? And remember that there are probably more people who want to be actors/sports people/entertainers than there are people who want to be politicians.

Maybe it's all down to how easy it is to recognise talent in those respective fields. Who wins at sport, has that honeyed voice, can play guitar like a demon, looks great and can act on the silver screen commands the money. But it's not as easy to sort out the true talent from the empty vessels where politics is concerned.

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