Laser eye surgery may be a fairly straightforward 15 minute procedure, but the importance of your vision, along with the delicacy of the surgery, means that the quality of a service provider’s aftercare is extremely important.

Laser eye treatment does not end when you leave surgery, so here’s what you can expect from your clinic in terms of aftercare.

Your first follow-up appointment

Eye close up by Stephenbalaban

Eye close up by Stephenbalaban

As with any surgery, there is a period of recovery which is an inherent part of the process of correcting your vision through laser eye surgery. For some, improvements in their vision are experienced within a couple of days–while for others it can take a week or longer.

Your initial follow-up appointment with your surgeon is the first milestone on your journey of recovery. You will agree the date of your first appointment either before or after surgery–it’s usually within 48-72 hours. The appointment gives your surgeon the opportunity to assess your recovery and the effectiveness of the procedure.

The quality of vision you experience at this point is unlikely to be anything like the final outcome, so bear in mind that your sight is likely to further improve as your eyes continue to heal and settle down.

Regular check-ups

The delicate nature of the eye means that your surgeon will be eager to ensure that you attend regular check-ups for several months after your laser eye surgery, as part of a comprehensive aftercare programme.

The exact timing and regularity of the check-ups is to be determined by you and your doctor. Typically, you will return to the clinic for a check-up every month or so initially, but appointments will become less regular after the first two or three check-ups.

If the results are as expected, however, two or three follow-up appointments may be all that are required.

24-hour support

In the early stages of your recovery from laser eye surgery, you may experience soreness and swelling in the eye area, which can be extremely worrying if you are unaware of what is going on. Because of such things, almost all laser eye surgery clinics offer their patients access to a 24-hour support line.

The support line is staffed by laser-trained optometrists, who are able to answer any questions that you may have, as well as being able to offer advice on whether your symptoms are normal, or require emergency intervention.

What if your recovery does not go as planned?

In the event that your recovery does not go as planned and your vision is not restored as expected, the most reputable service providers, such as Ultralase, offer a Lifetime Care Guarantee.

While the exact terms and conditions of a Lifetime Care Guarantee may vary between providers, the Guarantee essentially promises that any required follow-up procedures or treatments to further correct your vision will incur no extra charge.

Providers are able to offer such a guarantee because of the confidence that they have in the procedures they perform, which should help give you great peace of mind–not only in the lead up to the operation, but in the aftercare phase, too.

Image By Stephenbalaban (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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