Running a Fortune 500 company isn’t just having the right degree from the university and then spending decades climbing the company’s ‘greasy pole’.

As the infographic below from illustrates there is a lot more to it than that.

You would think that having an MBA was almost de rigueur, but of the Fortune 500 companies although 165 of their CEOs have an MBA, 163 have no advanced degree.

Then consider that the average time a Fortune 500 CEO has spent in their company is just thirteen years. There are also examples of relatively young people scooping that top job such as mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Marissa Meyer (Yahoo!) and Larry Page (Google).

But all things considered you can test your potential by taking the infographic quiz below and then comparing yourself to the business elite, maybe you have what it takes to take a corporate giant into the next decade.

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Could You Run a Fortune 500 Company

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