With Easter break just around the corner, families throughout the UK are looking for something to do that won’t be over their budget yet fun and entertaining for the kids.

There are a number of out-of-the-way cities and towns that have lodgings that are quite reasonably priced and things to do that will be both fun and educational for the children. Looking for somewhere to go with the family this Easter? You might want to consider the following locations.

1. Wells Treasure Trail

Located in South West England, Wells is famed as being England’s smallest city. However, with a population just over 10,000 people you wouldn’t be likely to think of it as anything more than a town. A walk through this Somerset city is enough to show you a life that is quiet but don’t let that mislead you. In fact, once you’ve made reservations at whitehartwells.com for family accommodations, take time to check out Wells Treasure Trail. This is where you’ll want to take the kids on a real mystery tour that they can participate in. Get a look at a truly lovely city and get the kids’ minds exercised as they work to solve the self-guided mystery tour.

Wells Somerset (PD)

2. From Pole to Pole at Our Dynamic Earth

Located in the city of Edinburgh, children can get a real hands-on experience with an iceberg at From Pole to Pole at Our Dynamic Earth. Believe it or not, this very same iceberg is on exhibition all year round and one of the reasons kids love to come here. As they see and touch Edinburgh’s iceberg, take the opportunity to teach them about how one just like this is thought to have sunk the mighty Titanic on its maiden voyage. There is nothing like spending holidays with the kids but when you can mix in a bit of learning with a lot of fun, a special sort of magic ensues.

3. Horse’s Mouth Tours

Mum and dad into a bit of racing every now and then? Why not mix a little bit of child friendly fun into touring behind the scenes at Newmarket race tracks? Located in the county of Cambridgeshire, this town is known for its horses and it is just the place to visit with children who will love seeing both the place where horses race as well as the stalls and barns where they are housed. Educational for the younger family members, an inner-look at racing for the parents.

Newmarket 2 furlong marker by Bob Jones (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

By Bob Jones (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

And, if you still are looking for something historic and interesting, why not visit the Wookey Hole Magic Mirror Maze on your stay in Wells? Kids will be delighted by a walk through the maze of mirrors and as they see distortions of images of every family member they will not only laugh delightedly but bring home a new perspective on reality. What you see is not always what you get. This Easter, mix a little magic with fun and educational family time for a holiday that will long be remembered.

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