If you decide to give forex trading at City Index [1] a try, but are unsure of what to do or what tactics you should employ, this infographic (which is now no longer available) may hint at the different types of trader, allowing you to find out what style will work for you.

There are a number of different trader types, which the infographic describes clearly and imaginatively. Whether you want to be cautious, gung-ho or somewhere in the middle, you will be able to identify with one of these.

Whether you’re a swing trader who ignores the ‘noise’ or a long-term trader who prefers to keep their investments for a long time, there are positives and negatives about each type.

Day Traders are extremely opportunistic, while technical and fundamental traders analyse the markets carefully before they reach a decision.

Long-term traders are willing to wait until they make a significant profit, while day traders trade multiple times each day merely looking at quicker gains.

[1] www.cityindex.co.uk/forex-trading/

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