Who do you listen to? One media source says she is having a gagging order put on Ashley Cole and the other says she is willing to give their marriage another go.

Oh dear what is going on?

One media source says that she doesn't want any texts from Ashley or to speak about their relationship to the press ever then the next media source says she is ready to take him back.

And it doesn't come as much of a surprise because she really is a girl who has fought for her love making her a fine example to everyone to understand that commitment is commitment.

But a door mat is also a door mat, so who do you believe with all these conflicting reports?

According to people.co.uk Cheryl may be ready to end divorce proceedings because she believes he is a changed man and he has promised her that he hasn't been with any other women since they split up.

Would you believe him? Anyway who cares? In case it has escaped the public's attention we have an election going on and the future of our nation is at stake with the potential of us turning into Greece if we get it wrong.

And that means the nation will struggle and it also means families will struggle to make ends meet.

So it's time we turned our backs on the lives of the rich and stupid so we can try and save our nation from bankruptcy, or is it too late?

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