When getting into a legal dispute many people do not know that the number one law court approved process to resolve that dispute is mediation.

In the video below Russell Evans, a mediator, takes us through the process and surrounding issues.

He covers the following areas:

• What mediation is

• What happens in mediation

• The benefits of mediation

• Why you should consider using mediation

• When mediation can be used

• What types of cases are suitable

• How and where you can find out more

In summary, mediation is:

Lady Justice by Lonpicman

Lady Justice by Lonpicman

• Private and confidential (unlike a court) and conducted by a legally trained, qualified and accredited mediation specialist

• Conducted in a manner to

· explore legal and personal issues

· open up communication between parties

· break down barriers that may have built up

· build bridges

· discuss and resolve the issues

• The whole process is focussed on dispute resolution.

For more information on the mediation process within the legal process please visit help4lips.co.uk or litigantsinperson.wordpress.com.

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